Friday, February 12, 2010

Point of View (POV)

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I'm torn between what POV to use in my novel. Before I get too far into it, I really want to figure out whether I should use First Person POV or Third Person POV. I find it's so much easier to write this particular story in first person, but is that really what the market is wanting? I have this ongoing fear that I will complete my novel, get it perfect, all written in first person and not be able to find anyone to publish it. All that time spent and all that time wasted in making my masterpiece.

I'm sure every writer goes through this. The reason I am so concerned about first person POV is that I have not seen many books that are written in first person. Do readers really enjoy reading from a first person's view? When something is written in first person, it tends to pull me into the story much quicker than if written in third person, but that's just me. I've got about 3,000 + words on my novel so far, so to avoid the agony of rewriting every word for the most part, I think I should really search and find out whether writing first person is really worth it. Do you know which is preferred to publishers?

What POV do you write in?



Nicole Ducleroir said...

Hi Noelle~ I've seen your comments lately on blogs I read, and I thought I'd check out chez vous. You have a wonderful space here!

I don't think one POV option wins over agents/publishers more than another. You just have to find the right narrator for your particular story. I suggest playing around with the 3000 words you've already written. If it's in first person, try rewriting it in third person. See how/if it changes. You could even try writing the scenes through the eyes of each character involved, testing out how the emotional impact changes when you hear it told by Character A compared to Character B. Maybe you'll see the story is interesting filtered through the perception of a different character than your chosen narrator. Or maybe multiple POVs will work (although I suggest first or third person limited, with POV shifts at the beginning of each new chapter).

Best of luck with it! I look forward to reading more from you :)

j.m. neeb said...

I just discovered your blog and am looking forward to following...

With regard to POV, I think you need to figure out which style you feel more comfortable with regard to the story and don't worry about "market" as much. Like Nicole said, neither one is probably going to win someone over more than the other.

Besides, I find that by using the POV I personally enjoy employing for a particular story, it enables me to stay truer with my writing. Being true to your writing is the most important part of the craft. Readers can tell if you aren't being authentic.

Also, you mentioned having an ease with writing it in first person, so perhaps that speaks volumes in and of itself. Maybe first person is the way your story is meant to be?

At least, that's my three cents... Good luck!

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR said...

Hi Noelle

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Your blog is cool: I love your colour choice.

I don't think the publishing market dictates if a book is to be first person or third person etc. Markets usually dictate to genres. Go ahead and write your book the way you want it ... and if it doesn't work out, at least you can tell your friends you wrote a novel!

Good luck

Nisa said...

I think everyone else has given you great advice, so I'll leave it at that. Love your color scheme as well.

Jeff King said...

Every book I have like has been written in 3rd person. I haven’t read a 1rst person book I have liked. I also think it depends on what genre you are writing.
It all boils down to how well the book feels, how it reads, how the reader connects to the story. If you can pull that off in first person better: then do it… whatever makes the book better for the reader.
From what I have read on most agents blogs, is you can break through in a first person book but it is easier in 3rd person. The reasons they give; are familiarity for the reader and the ability to pull on first person is a lot harder than 3rd person.
Just my opinion, do what feels right to you.

Lisa Marie Miles said...

I think it's up to you, but personally I don't like reading anything other than first. I feel like I know the mc really well that way.

Cabo said...

Personally, I think both are grand. Find a way to mix the two. Win/Win. :)