Thursday, February 11, 2010

When Work Gets In the Way of Writing

Work is evil, it always tends to get in the way of what we love to do. Hang out with friends, watch a good movie, and even writing. I work as a full/part-time freelance writer online and although that sometimes barely pays the bills, all I want to do while I'm writing articles for clients is to work on my novel (which may have a year or so before completion and then who knows how long to be published if at all). I do manage to make my deadlines although I'm not sure how.

I find myself leaving my research for online articles to look for a great weapon to put into my main characters hand or I open up my Word file and start finishing a scene. I know, it's bad, but I get some of the best ideas while I'm working on something else. Today I've completed one, yes one short article since 9:30 am this morning. And its my novel's fault. I've found a way to turn two novels into one. Although they are both just at the very start (only 1,944 words when put together), the fit. A name and location has to be changed, but all else flows.

I'm still stuck though even with the new addition to the story. My main character is stuck at the diner door. I can't seem to move her forward no matter what I try. You'd think she would freeze to death out there in the cold with customers from inside yelling at her to close the door. But there she remains, standing there holding the door wide open letting all the cold air pour in over the customers trying to enjoy their meals and stay out of the cold.

And here I am again. Instead of focusing on my work, I'm posting to my blog. What am I to do?

Does your work get in the way of your writing? How do you stay focused?

NOTE: Another great book I discovered last night on my bookshelf (still not sure how or where it came from) is Dialogue by Lewis Turco. It's pretty good. It breaks down dialogue into layman's terms and really explains it. I just started it, but so far love it.


Lisa Marie Miles said...

It's not so much my work, but my son that gets in the way. I find myself taking notes and plotting all day long at work, but once I get home I want to hang out with my son instead.

For your stuck scene, maybe a waitress can offer your mc a free bowl of soup if she'd just close the gd door:)

Jeff King said...

how I get focused? I make a schedule and work it out with my whole family, so the know when not to bother me.

As for your character stuck in front of the door. Have a person in the dining room yell and tell he to get in or out. She then enters the establishment and does what she came there to do. If she didn't come there for any particular reason, maybe she shouldn't be there.

keep it up.

Jeff King said...

opps for got to add this.

Yea work does get in the way... I wish I could be a full time writer. but maybe someday.

Tony Anders said...

My work gets in the way of what I wish was my work - lol At least we are not playing Farmville!