Saturday, February 13, 2010

Q & A with my MC in a Dream

Last night I had a dream. I'm posting as much as I can remember from the chat with my Main Character. It was morning and I was sitting down with Christine Winslett, the MC of my current WIP to discuss her character in my novel.

Christine sat on the beige loveseat across from me in the living room of my home, her burgundy hair shined in the sunlight that shone though the big bay window behind her almost blinding me. This was more of an interview than just a casual chat. She sipped coffee from one of my favorite coffee mugs, leaving burgundy lipstick marks around the rim. Her electric blue eyes lined with a jet black liner seem to be hiding something. Something she seemed to want to share with the world, but all at the same time, she was terrified to open up.

I never really understood what it meant to get involved with your characters. I mean I usually knew who they were, but only on paper, not in a physical way. I'd never had a dream about my characters before. I'd had dreams of ideas that I've used in my stories, names, and scenes, but nothing like this. I'm glad that I did have a dream though. Maybe this will help to construct my character to fit flowingly better into the story. J

Noelle: So, how do you feel being a victim/criminal/hero?

Christine: I'm not so sure about the victim part. I mean yeah, I have problems, but I'm only a victim in my nightmares. So, I really don't want to be portrayed as a victim in reality.

Noelle: I can understand that. Now, Christine, I really have to ask. What moved you to go from everyday nine to fiver in a happy life to murder?

Christine: Happy life? Well, I guess my life is… happy. As you know, I suffer from night terrors. Have since I was a child. But I'm not sure that that had anything to do with what happened. I mean, it did influence it, but a person can only take so much.

Noelle: Why did you go to the police station?

Christine: I was guilty. I needed to turn myself in. Wouldn't you do the same?

Noelle: Yes of course, but I wouldn't have killed anyone either.

Christine: Well, if you had. Anyhow, I didn't know what else to do. I'm not a criminal. I'm not a murderer. I'm just a girl with problems.

Noelle: Are there other problems other than your night terrors?

Christine: Well, I have….

Meow… Reow…

Unfortunately, it ended there and I woke up to my cat meowing and pawing at my blankets. It was 8:20am. "Meow! Time to get up Mommy!" My cat Buddy wakes me up every morning around 8:20am.

Have you ever had dreams about your novels or your characters? Did they help you figure out your next scene or a direction to go with the rest of your novel? Or maybe take you in a whole new direction?


Lisa Marie Miles said...

I've never dreamt about a character, but I've had dreams where I wake up and realize I can use part of the dream in a story.
Great post!

Pat Tillett said...

Not only are you fantastic writer, you have a wealth of information to share as well..
And you do!

Jeff King said...

I have had several dreams similar to yours.

My WIP is completely from dreams, I have had the same dream so many times I could probably quote it word for word.

It does help to get personal with your chars, mine do what they want; I just write down what I see. They dictate every aspect of my book...