Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sibling Jealousy???

Along with my research for my Parenting article I have begun another article about Jealously. We all experience it at some point in our lives. Either we've been jealous of someone or someone has been jealous of us. But to what extreme? What extreme have you went to in your life of being jealous of someone else? Of what they have or do?

Sibling jealousy is something that is widely spread throughout every home in the world no matter what the age of the siblings. The first born is always at some point jealous of the siblings that follow. They are so used to getting all of the attention from Mom and Dad, but now there is someone stealing away some of that attention. Jealous siblings will do almost anything to get the attention back on them. I know I went through the same process. My Mom had us each seven years apart, so we have never been close and jealousy filled our home. I was the first born and for seven years I got ALL of the attention. Then my sister was born and little Noelle didn't get the attention any longer, or at least not as much. Seven years after she was born, my other sister was born. There is a 14 year difference in my last sister and my self. We are not close and at the time she was born, I don't remember being jealous of her since I of course was in the middle of my lovely teenage years of rebellion and not wanting to be around an infant. But the middle child experienced the jealousy as she was only seven years old and being the middle child, she had always struggled with getting the attention of her parents.

I'm not sure where this article is going, but I hope I can get it where I want it.

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