Monday, February 1, 2010

Peeved at the Grocery Store

Yesterday my boyfriend and I ventured out into the snow to do our bi-weekly grocery shopping. While trailing up and down each aisle with my list in my hand, I decided to check out the magazine rack. And what do I see? No, not one of my article title on the front cover, but someone else's article title on the cover of Parent Magazine. My idea I wanted to submit to them was published in the February 2010 issue. 

Makes me so aggravated, but I guess I should've moved faster. I don't have any reason to be mad about it, but I guess it's just because I haven't really had any "real good" ideas in such a long time and I started working on this one, doing the research to make sure that if the editor of the magazine said yes, that I would be able to pull it off. But now it's time to push that idea to the side and move on to the next, Sibling Jealousy, which I'll probably see in the March 2010 issue of Parent Magazine. (Lord, I hope not!)

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