Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's a Cold One

Finally the weekend is here and it's a cold one. I can't believe how the cold has just rolled in so quickly. Everywhere I go it's freezing. My house, truck, and garage. I miss the fall and kind of the summer. I'm a fall girl even though I was born in the spring, I truly love Fall time.

This morning I got early, made some coffee, took a quick trip to the store, and when I got back home I decided to organize some stuff. Well that was quickly shot down due to the lack of organization supplies I have. So now there's going to be another trip to the store. I'm going to brave Old Man Winter and drag myself out to the store in search of something to organize my office with. The more organized it is, the more productive I can be. It's strange, and I'm sure others out there are much like this too. Even if you're not currently using the stuff in your office, it's all you can think about while you're trying to turn out some words on your laptop. Trying to meet a deadline with thoughts of "How am I gonna get this done with this disorganized room I'm in?"

I've even went to the point of changing scenes. I'm tried working in the livingroom, dining room, bedroom, the kitchen, and even the garage, but still I can't concentrate due to the "mess" in the office. I know - makes me sound crazy, but hey, I'm a writer, what do you expect. :)

So, now it's time to end the madness! While I'm out finding my organization tools, I figure I should do a bit of Christmas shopping as well. It'll be fun. I missed Black Friday sales, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I went out last night to start my truck and the battery is dead. I think I might have left a cargo light on last week in the back when I was vacuuming it out. Whoops! I don't know if that will kill the battery or not, but it has been on for about 9 days, so who knows. Well, time to get ready to go end my madness!

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