Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Brain is on Strike!

It's almost like my brain is on pause. I'm not sure if its because of the flu I'm still getting over, or if my brain is just drained completely. I sit here and stare at the information on the topic I'm supposed to be writing about, I read the guidelines of how to format the short article, and my brain doesn't comprehend any of it. I have the title and that is only because the client provided it. I have the research material for the article, and yet my brain still produces no thought on the matter at hand. What's wrong with me? Is it just writer's block or is my brain on strike?

My article is due on November 27th so I have a few days along with trying to figure this out while working on a research paper on Domestic Violence for my English 111 class and the holiday chaos of Thanksgiving. Maybe the flu has just drained my body and soul and as soon as it's completely over I'll be back to my writing happy self.

I have it all figured out income wise (if my brain will work with me here). I can actually make a really good income with Demand. At least something that I can live on and still be able to go to college. I only have to write 20 articles a week. I used to write way more than that a week and for a lot less pay. This is great! I'm so happy.

Well, I guess I'll try to relax and maybe the words will come.


Lisa Marie Miles said...

Just try cranking anything out, even if it's complete crap. It's better to have something to go back and edit than nothing at all.

Scottie Downs said...

Very true. I tried this with those tip articles and so far so good. :)