Thursday, December 3, 2009

Renovations Done!!!

I'm so happy with my new office. I spent all day yesterday painting it. Thankfully it's not a huge room. This morning I got at 6:30am and started moving my furniture around and putting everything in its place. I tossed so much crap that I never use - of course I'm going to be looking for it at some point and tearing the place apart swearing I didn't throw it away. Ha! Ha! That's how it always goes.

I've finally gotten rid of that awful easter green color and replaced it with a nice warm firebrick red color. So cozy now. I threw a set of thick brown colored curtains on the windows and tossed the mini-blinds. Added a few plants, an old 1959 Marilyn Monroe Life Magazine sealed in plastic, my clock, and my first published article in Lotus Magazine Winter 2005 edition. I still need a few things,like filing cabinet, more shelves (my Hunny said he was going to make me some shelves, but I have yet to see them), and I'd love to trade in this glass computer desk for a real wooden "L" shaped one, and a comfy chair. My chair is so uncomfortable, I can't sit here for more than 30 minutes or so. I hinted to my Hunny for a Christmas gift. The new remodel makes it so much easier to work where it's cozy instead of in a room that makes you want to puke.

I have so much to do lately. I'm not sure why all of a sudden. I guess because it's the end of the year, etc. Life goes on... Blah... Blah... Blah...

I need to figure out a good system to organize my articles. I have so many ideas lately for articles for magazines and so many for short stories, and full-length books, but no where to really put them. At least not where they can be easily accessed. I've tried notebooks, computer files (unreliable - if you're computer crashes and you haven't backed up that week or that day - All is lost. I just went through that on Monday and lost all my articles for work.) I was strolling through some Writer's forums the other day and came across some ideas on a writers organization. One was about index cards and organizing them by subject. I may try that. I have tons of index cards that I found in my old cluttered office. I guess trial and error is the way to go.

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Lisa Marie Miles said...

The office looks awesome!!