Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Peek Inside... my new WIP

I thought I’d share a bit about what my newest novel is about. When this idea first popped in my head (about 5 days ago)  came out as a were wolf story with The Three Little Pigs twist. Well once I started writing it, I couldn’t really place the twist in there. I mean sure I could eventually, but as I wrote and thought about my story while painting my dining room, I thought about another well-known fairy tale -  Little Red Riding Hood.  What better story to rewrite for an older crowd of readers. I know, right?

Therefore, I figure this I can put it into the story with no problems, but with a twist. There will be no grandmother, but a best friend instead. The MC is a photojournalist who originally began looking for a story on legends in New Orleans, but instead discovered a different story to follow and is now in search of a story about the Loup-Garou who is the Wolf.

This story just would not leave me alone, so for a day or so I only thought about it. How everything would begin and end. Even as I tanned, images of the MC and the wolf ran through my head like a film clip. Her running down the street with her best friend who followed her to New Orleans, the two eating dinner in little cafes, and shopping in the small voodoo shops. The entire book is playing over and over in my head like a movie – I guess that’s why its been so easy to write thus far. I’m just so ecstatic about this book. And believe it or not I even have my boyfriends support this time around. My last project or three, he wasn’t supportive, but this time he was. He listened to what my story was about and said it was a great idea. He even ask me when he gets home if I wrote more of my story that day.  He hasn’t asked to read it yet, but I expect that. He’s not a reader unless it involves Camaro’s, engines, Hot Rods, well you get the idea. 


Talli Roland said...

That's great, Noelle! I'm intrigued by the story - it is indeed a good one. Isn't it fun when something just keeps nagging us to tell the tale! Glad to hear your boyfriend's on board this time, too.

Pat Tillett said...

What a great imagination you have. To be able to work it all your in your head in advance, is a gift!

Lisa Marie Miles said...

Sounds awesome, and I LOVE the new blog look!!

Noelle Nolan said...

Thanks you guys!