Monday, April 5, 2010

Writing and more writing

Hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine was pretty good. Lots of food and outdoor time with the kids (my boyfriends niece and nephew). I took lots of photos however the lens I was using wasn't the right one, at least not without a tripod. I planted my self down on the grass to shoot long range while the kids flew kites. Not a good idea on a windy day with no tripod. The other photos of their easter egg hunt were a bit better although with so many family members in the way, there were many good angles at least to make it look natural. Better luck next year. :) The photo below is of a Dora the Explorer Kite the kids were flying.

Today I planned on getting a lot of writing done. So far I have written 2 new pages to my fantasy novel and one action line to my script. I worked on organizing pictures most of the morning and hired a new writer for some projects that I could not handle on my own. It is now 1pm and all is well. It's about time for a break. Boy do I need one. I didn't really have much to post here today, but I figure this can go in as "writing time" and as writers, we MUST write. Oh and I wanted to try out my new signature. I may change it later.


Myne Whitman said...

All the best with your writing, I am doing so on my blog too.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Good luck getting more writing done today! :-)

Sheena said...

I am with you on the writing, I am trying to write a novel myself and ... well here I am. Wish you the best of luck and all.

Nisa said...

It sounds like you are working hard and doing great! I'm glad you had a great Easter!