Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on DR visit

As you know from my previous post I had to visit the dreaded doctor today. I hate going to the doctor and only do so if I'm in a lot of pain as which I was on Tuesday. Although my pain had subsided today, I still went to my appointment because I want and need to know what is wrong with me.

Okay, so here's the prognosis. The doctor (I swear he was fresh out of med school) rushed me through the first initial meeting (I hate that) and then sent me to X-ray. Before he rushed me out of the room to X-ray across the hall, he poked and prodded at my shoulder bring more pain that I had went there with. I told him my symptoms and what I already knew about the symptoms adding into one diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. He said that was probably nothing to worry about, but maybe something to consider along with arthritis.
So, he sent me off to get and X-ray of my right shoulder and I had to ask them to X-ray my hand which also has extreme pain throughout a few times a week. So, they ordered another X-ray of my hand. My X-rays were good. No breaks or cracks or anything unusual. My bones had no holes and seemed to be pretty healthy. That's another check mark on the ruling out list.

When he got back into the room he then said that since I was only 31 and had so much pain and a long history of the symptoms (6 years to be exact) that I may have a form of Fibromyalgia. He wrote a prescription for therapy that includes my favorite... Massage! And a few other things like steroid creams, heat therapy, and cold therapy. I get to choose any place I want for my therapy. My body has a sensitivity to pretty much all medicine, so my doctors are trying to find alternate ways of healing me. I have to get blood work done to rule out any other causes of my issues such as diabetes and anemia. I hate needles and chose not to have any of that done today. I have a week to get it done. I'll probably wait until the last minute though. Well, that's my update. I feel much better now that I know no bones are cracked or broken.


Jackee said...

A prescription for a massage is awesome. Take it and run with it.

But I feel your pain (sorry for the pun) about how hard it is to get a proper diagnosis. I've had the same battle between Dr.'s over if I have RA or Fibro. It's been going on for ten years now, but I've finally learned how to control the pain on my own.

Good luck, I'll be hoping for your swift return to health!

CeCe Savage said...

Please don't wait too long to get your blood work done. I happen to feel pretty passionate about medical things. Having a quicker diagnosis doesn't usually fix your problem any quicker, but it certainly helps to give you peace of mind sooner. :)