Thursday, March 18, 2010

PIECES (a glimpse into my WIP)


Ten. My countdown begins. You know, the time before you hit the bottom where the rocks are jagged and the waves are crashing? 

Nine. I keep falling. I close my eyes, praying that this is only a dream. Maybe I feel asleep and was having one of those strange falling dreams; the ones that you wake up from then fall quickly back to sleep. 

Eight. I feel like I can’t breathe. 

Seven. Oh God! I don’t want to die like this. 

Six. What about my mom? My friends? 

Five. I’m moving faster now. I snag a quick glance over my shoulder. Just more rocks. I close my eyes tight. 

Four. Moving faster now. 

Three. Even faster still. 

Two. I hold my breath and await my fate of the bloody impact upon the sharp rocks below. 

One. Am I dead? I opened my eyes slightly. A bright light shifted from left to right above my head. No! I’m dead! These words screamed in my head. 


I heard a voice. A familiar voice. 

“Liz. Are you okay?” 

There it was again. I opened my eyes wider, but only the light filled my stream of vision. 

“Ah. “ I groaned. 


I heard that voice gain. The words wouldn’t come forth. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it. 

“Liz. Come on. Wake up. Liz.” The voice crackled a little as if she is almost in tears. I moved my eyes back and forth trying to see past the light. Trying to see anything. 

“She’s not dead is she?” 

I heard a boy’s voice. It also sounded familiar, but still I could not place either. What was going on? Was I dead? Am I dying? These thoughts were racing through my mind as the once bright light that fills my vision begins to fade to a grey shadowiness. Oh no, I’m fading. I’m losing it. 

“Call an ambulance.” Another voice calls out from behind me.


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Pat Tillett said...

Exciting and tense!
beautiful writing...