Friday, February 5, 2010

Road Closed

So it would seem, Punxsutawney Phil was right when he popped his cute little head out of the hole and saw his shadow. There will be six more horrifying weeks of winter and I believe it as I sit here at my desk with the lights flickering and watching the winter storm that is hitting the East Coast right now.

Something I find very amusing is the need for "State of Emergency" during this snow storm. You really can't call it a snow storm. It's just simply snowing. As a previous resident of Upstate New York, and I mean UPSTATE as in the border of Canada pretty much, this is a light and breezy snow fall. Not a Storm, not a blizzard, and definitely no need for "State of Emergency"! I completely understand the need to stay off of the roads unless absolutely needed. And it is in the best interest of everyone if you do stay off the road.

I really hate to say it, but Virginia CAN NOT drive on dry pavement let alone in the snow. I'm not saying everyone in this state falls under the same handicap, but from just being on the road when its dry, rainy, or covered in snow and ice, I have witnessed many, many things. Basically if I had a kill switch to cut their engines to stop the madness I would. You may think I'm a bad person, rude, or whatever, but the truth is - I value my life and I don't appreciate you invading it with your 3,000 pound car, causing for reason to remove me from this world. You would feel the same if my SUV was barreling at you at 75 miles an hour on US 220.

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Lisa Marie Miles said...

Sounds like North Carolina. I've heard from friends it pretty much shuts down with an inch of snow.