Friday, February 5, 2010

3 Reasons to Write an eBook

Most everyone who loves books dreams to one day write the All-American Novel, but to most of us, it is just a dream. There is an upside to all of this however. Instead of the All-American Novel in print form, why not join the new millennium and write the All-American eBook. Yes, I said eBook. Sure, the most common reasons are the obvious. You want to be a writer and publishing an eBook with your name on it is a great start to be noticed as an up and coming writer. Second, you want to make some money for your writing. The list below includes three brief reasons of why you should write an eBook.

  • Express Your Expertise: Writing an eBook can give you the upper hand when it comes to an expertise in a subject. If you are well experienced in Cat Care, then an eBook on Cat Care is right up your alley. Publishing and eBook can be a great and quick way to be recognized as a professional writer although these books are electronic and easy cash in on project, you have to be careful. Making sure your information provided is accurate. Giving people advice that is inaccurate could take you from newly published, "my name is in print (electronically) and I'm the new bestseller on the eBook shelf!" to a writer who no one trusts and you may never be published again.
  • Lend a Helping Hand: Knowledge is out in the world and trapped in our thick skulls to help people, even ourselves. Everyone needs help now and again whether it is help reorganizing their home office or needing help putting up their own blog online. Why not share the wealth of knowledge you have about a particular subject that many may need help with. You would not just be helping someone else; if you eBook is a success, you will also be helping your bank account.
  • The Money Stream: Publishing an eBook can (if it sells successfully and continually), could mean a constant stream of income. The more reader specific your eBook is, the higher your sells could be. Do your research before you begin your journey on the road to eBook stardom. You may find that what you think may be what readers want is something they by pass and look elsewhere for what they need. Ask your friends, family, post questions on forums, and your blog asking people to express what they want or need to learn about. By doing this you can cater to your much-needed audience as well as to your bank account.
If you have what it takes to write about what you know and can make it interesting as well as helpful, then jump in with both feet. If you don't have that experience yet in your life, do your research and build up to it.


Jeff King said...

Wow great points, I never thought about writing an E-book before. But you make a good augment.


Lisa Marie Miles said...

Thanks for the great info!

Sarah said...

Hi, I find the layout great and easy on the eye. Do you know a site that publishes eBook?

Noelle Nolan said...

Sarah - My next blog post gives a brief list of publishers. Best of luck you to.