Friday, July 25, 2008

Myspace Vs. Facebook (my opinions)

Okay, let's get this sorted out. There is myspace and there is facebook. The difference? Well, there's not a lot of difference depending on how interested you are in either one. I currently have two Myspace accounts. Both are moderately kept up to date with comments, blog posts, and friends.
I signed up for Facebook this morning just to see what all the hype is about. And to tell you the truth, the hype isn't all it's hyped up to be. I'm sure there are a lot of pros and cons for each one and many of you love to Myspace as do others love Facebooking. There are plenty of ways to network on both Myspace and Facebook if you know exactly how to navigate through the websites and know the right terminology to post.
Many have found their lost friends on both communities. Others have found love and personal relationships, and of course many of us just Myspace and Facebook for the fun of it. Myself, personally started a Myspace account to find some old highschool friends of mine. Along the way I have made some new friends as well as some enemies. But that comes with the territory I suppose. I have never tried to find love through either site, but I know some who have and everything has tured out alright for them thus far. (Good luck to you for the rest of your lives).
After signing up for Facebook this morning, I decided it isn't for me. The site is not very user friendly. It gives off a cold feeling instead of a nice cozy warm feeling that Myspace gives. I guess we can thank Tom for that (the founder of Myspace). I'm perfectly happy with my Myspace accounts and probably will never leave. Yes it is addicting and aggrevating at times, but when you step back and look at the friends you've found and the new friends you've made, it's all worth it in the end.


Pat Tillett said...

You are correct about the "feel" of both. Speaking as a person older than yourself (only slightly), we view myspace as more of a "hook-up" place. That's probably wrong, but most parents shudder, when they find out their kids are on myspace. Facebook, on the other hand seems "brighter" and safer. It doesn't work worth a shit though...
Also, I enjoy the way you write!
I have renewed contact with a lot of old friends via facebook, but to be honest, I used it to advertise my blog... I'd say half of the comments about my blog come to me via facebook and not on the blog itself. Either way, as long folks are reading, I'm happy.

Lisa Marie Miles said...

I agree about the look, but find Facebook much less annoying. I like that when you click on a page you're not blasted away by music or crazy colors (maybe I'm getting old).

I've found so many more people on Facebook to reconnect with than on MySpace.