Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Was a Baby Once too...

The other day I was at my moms house and we were looking through old pictures of when I was a kid. I came across one of me when I was only 26 days old. I couldn't believe it. It was an old polaroid of my dad and I on April 5, 1979. I had my mom scan it for me so I'd have a copy of it. Wanna see?
I found tons more that we're going to scan and I'm going to make a scrapbook from my early years to now. I don't have a lot of photographs of my family and since my dad passed in 2004, I've been hunting for photographs of him and I together. I only have one other one of he and I when I was 17 years old and rebellious. So as you can guess in that photo there's me with a pissed off look on my face and cigarette in one hand as I pose in the picture with him. I framed that picture, but I hope to find a better one.

I miss my dad. His birthday is in 13 days - he'd be 81 this year.

Well today is a busy one. My trip to D.C. seemed to have made me overspend a bit more than I'd planned, so I've piled on the work to make up for it. So my day is filled with writing and researching - at least until 4pm or 5pm today.

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Neurotic Workaholic said...

My condolences about your dad. That is a very nice picture; it's always a poignant experience to look through old pictures because of all the memories they bring up.

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