Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing Buddies...

As a writer I understand the need to be immersed in the writing world. But not just the writing world of knowledge and information, I mean the world of other writers. I know there are a lot of writers who have writing buddies. I've been searching for a writing buddy for a while now, but haven't found one who keeps in constant contact. It's alright though, I still have my good friend that I run things by here and there.

Do you have a writing buddy? (Not one that writes the same novel as you, but one that is a writer who is currently working on their own projects, but also helps you work through your tough spots within your own work.)

How do you help each other?

How did you find your writing buddy? Online? Writers Group? Etc.?

Do you and your writing buddy write in the same genre?

I guess I'm curious cause I just would like to find someone who writes in my same genre. I've searched for writing buddies online. Some respond a few times, then I never hear from the ever again. Other send piles of writing to my inbox on the first response as if I'm their editor, then there are those who want to read any and everything I have written (I tend to steer clear of those in fear of my work being stolen). I'm iffy on sending out my work to just anyone and any writer can understand that. I don't think anyone has ever read my work other than just bits and pieces that I send out, but that only applies to my good writing friend. No one else has ever read a full manuscript I've written.

UPDATE: I've written over 1,600 words on my new novel project. The words just keep flowing out. I wish I had a title for it, but I know that will come soon enough. Oh, I'm so excited!!! I even skipped my tanning session today so that I could write my book.

Oh and how do you like my new template for my blog? Orange - one of my favorite colors along with reds, browns, oranges, and blues.

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CeCe Savage said...

I love the new template! Orange is my favorite color and has been for about two decades now. I was just thinking that when I came to look at your page, but since I don't remember certain details very well, I wasn't sure if you had changed your template, or if I was just thinking you had, lol.