Sunday, April 25, 2010

Script Devotion Day 88 pages to Go!

Last night I realized there are only about 5 days left of this month. I joined Script Frenzy at the end of March in hopes and attempt to complete a 100 page script in 30 days. Well, I had good intentions and wrote a total of 12 pages on one script and a few other pages on other scripts. Well, today I plan to shove everything else aside and write 88 pages on my first script. I plan to meet the deadline of the contest along with my 100 pages.

I guess I'd better get started although there are no thoughts on the continuance of my script. The characters are at a stand still although I think I may make my main character a Photographer. Maybe a crime scene photographer (I used to dream of being a crime scene photographer and still do). Ah hah! I'll finish this post later.

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Neurotic Workaholic said...

Wow, 88 pages! I like the idea of making your character a photographer. Then it would be a good way to get your character into interesting places to take pictures. Good luck!