Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I've moved my office desk to face the window, probably not a good thing. But I love to watch our neighbors horses as they munch on grass along the fence line. I wish I could still ride. The trainer has invited me over a few times to ride with her, but I'm so scared I may mess my neck up. After the tendon ripped back in 2004 the doctor told me not to do anything that may jar my neck. That unfortunately included riding horses and steering clear of roller coasters and four-wheeling. But I wonder if I could still ride horses. I grew up around horses and always wanted to be an equestrian jumper. Before my horse got into her accident on the ice and broke her back, I was training her to jump. I've been thrown a few times, but never hurt badly. Just bruised up a bit. This weekend or next I may take the trainer up on her invite and ride for the first time in 22 years.

Today is going to be a busy, busy day. I have so much work to catch up on and an entire office to reorganize and I'm trying to get it all completed before noon. Yeah Right! Like that's going to happen. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will - fingers crossed. I figure I'll do the office organization or at least put things in the general area of where they go before I begin to work on my open projects.

Along with doing my daily things today, I have to create a "GREAT" selling ad for my boyfriends BMW so that we can sell it. And another "Great" selling ad for his Camaro. We have too many cars, I think we have 7 total. Only one is or I should say was mine. I sold it yesterday after only putting the ad up 30 minutes before the guy called. I'd been trying to sell it for the last year and half. 

I'm going to also try to squeeze in some blog time so that I can catch up on all of your blogs and comment. It's been pretty busy here with the renovations and so dusty. I don't like having my computers out in all this dust. Our living room is almost completed. We just have to sand, primer, and paint. Then we're on to the sun room which we've actually turned into the dining room and now since the old dining room connects with our "use to be" tiny living room it has now become the living room as well. I can't wait until its done. We still have the awful wood paneling to pull out of the "old dining room", the hallway, and the foyer. Then we put up more drywall and repeat the process. It should all be done (fingers crossed) before family comes over from England. I hate having people come into my house in the condition its in right now. I mean it's not bad, but it looks like we just moved in or don't live here at all. Well, I guess I should really get busy if I'm going to get everything done today.


Janet Johnson said...

Sounds like your house will be gorgeous!

And wow, 7 cars? Good luck with the ads!

Pat Tillett said...

your neighbor's have horses?
your husband has 6 cars?

I hate my life....

Shannon O'Donnell said...! :-)

Noelle Nolan said...

Pat - my boyfriend and I both have a car addiction. We tend to just buy a car in hopes that we'll like it or rebuild it then life comes up and it never gets done.

We have 3 more we're selling. 1 BMW, 1 88 Camaro, and a 71 Camaro with no engine. So this week is gonna be busy with trying to get rid of them.

Falen said...

my desk is right in front of the window too! But i just watch birds and dogs and other wildlife. I used to ride too, but baording costs put an end to owning a horse. My sister's horse is now a Minneapolis police officer so we're ever so proud

Tahereh said...

wow!! long to-do list!! and 7 cars!! eep!!

hehe sounds like you've got your hands full!
best of luck with everything :D :D