Monday, February 8, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog…

Blogs formally known as a web log is defined as a website that is maintained on regular basis full of graphics, video, and words. Many blogs are focused on a particular subject matter. Others are about personal lives of the blog pen holder, and some are just there to give an educational message.

I remember when I first discovered BLOGS. It was back in 2003 when AOL first offered up AOL Blogs. They were great. I good friend of mine and I stumbled onto them and they were the best thing since sliced bread… at least to us. I worked on my blog, left comments, received comments, and made some great connections with other fellow bloggers. A year passed and my blog was updated daily with things from opinions from what was on the news to my personal life full of joy, tears, and anything that peaked my interest.

AOL decided to make a change without asking any of the other bloggers. They placed ads on our blogs. Those ugly ads filled the top of our pages and took away our individuality. Many of us protested it and left AOL blogs to find new homes for our words to the world. I moved my blog then lost many of my fellow bloggers and their blogs. I soon lost the motivation to blog. My reason for blogging at the time was mainly to just express myself without the criticisms, questions, and that "my two cents" from friends and family.

Now my blog is focused on helping out other writers who are going through something that I may have been through and if I haven't went through it yet as a writer, and my readers leave comments about what else they'd like to know, this gives me a direction of what my readers want.

Millions of people create blogs and talk about their personal life, businesses, careers, and other various things that are life involved. Should we blog and put our lives out there for a group of strangers to read? To comment on? And to follow? Sure, why not! Wer'e in the 21 st century and electronically talking is what we do.

What do you blog about? Why? What motivates your blog posts? Who or what is your inspiration? Are there any topics dealing with the writing world that you would like to know more about?


Lisa Marie Miles said...

I alternate between funny stories (at least to me), posts on writing and anything else that amuses me.

Jeff King said...

i'll have to post up later... when i have more time.