Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being Productive

One of the most important things in any freelance business whether it is writing or photography is that you have to be productive. If you’re not productive then you’re probably not making any money. And isn’t making money what we all want to do. Isn’t that the reason we opened up our own freelancing business to make the moola.
I find that if I’m unorganized I can’t be productive, no matter how hard I try or how important a project is. If my office is a wreck (like it is now) I just can’t focus on anything but the mess (and then I blog about it). I have a few projects in the works that I’d really like to work on today, but I think that the office organization should probably be bumped ahead of them just for today so that I can focus on my work and give my clients what they’re paying for.
My desk sits facing a double window with the door to my back. That always makes me uneasy so today the desk will be moved so that it sits facing the door or at least angled toward the door. My shelving unit is a wreck thanks to my boyfriends massive amount of car magazines that he reads once and tosses aside, but still wants to keep just in case there is something he needs to know, (like he’d ever be able to find what he’s looking for). He’d have to go through hundreds of them before he finds what he’s looking for.
How do you keep productive?


Carla Gade said...

I try to stay productive by taking on short projects that I can easily complete. Otherwise, I tend to get overwhelmed. I just have to be careful not to schedule too many at one time, but space them out instead.


Lisa Marie Miles said...

I think we need some more before and after pics:)

Jeff King said...

Wish I could give advice here, but I am a construction foreman by trade.

I’ll give the advice I feel is relevant.

I feel being organized is something your born with, but don't use that as an excuse to be lazy... if you want it bad enough you'll sacrifice things you want to do with stuff you have to do. Everything you do should be your very best work; at least you can take pride in doing your best, not just throwing something out there to get paid.

Best I can tell ya, thx for sharing.