Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Smile

The 10 things that make me smile:

  1.  The cute emails I get from my good friends.
  2.  When my fingers flow along the keyboard with perfect grace and the words that come out on the other side are magnificent. 
  3. When I discover a great blog of a fellow writer who goes through the same things I do whether good or bad.
  4. A great cup of coffee.
  5. When a new recipe I create turns out great and everyone raves about it.
  6. When I get a great idea for a new book or article. 
  7. When Buddy (my cat) sits on the arm of the couch with those big yellow eyes staring at me as he "Meows" trying to pull my attention away from the computer. 
  8. When I get a funny text message or picture message.
  9. When my office is completely organized - Very rare sight these days though.
  10. When my paycheck shows up in my bank account twice a week. That would make anyone smile.
What makes you smile?


Joanne said...

A nice, happy post going on here this Thursday morning. I share some of your smile makers ... a great cup of coffee, always. A productive writing session, yes! A snowy day. A tomato fresh from the garden, though I'll have to wait a few months for that ;) Have a great day!

Lisa Marie Miles said...

I love a good cup of coffee, getting ideas I think are great, sleeping in, organizing, blogging and talking with great friends:)