Sunday, July 6, 2008


This morning we (my boyfriend and I) found 3 little kittens at the trash dump. Actually when we drove up to the dump, I saw an older lady with a little black and white kitten that she was placing into a box that sat on top of the trash container. We sat there for a few minutes watching her in the mirror and she left the box sitting there and got into a brownish sedan with her husband and they drove off. (I didn't think to get her license plate number, though I really should've). We got out and walked over to the box and there sat 3 little babies. Their eyes wide looking up at us so helpless and sad.

It brought tears to my eyes just looking at the poor little guys and asking how someone could just leave them there balancing in a box on the corner of a dumpster. Its like they dropped them off and then headed out to Chuch hoping for forgiveness. Yes, they may be forgiven, but its so wrong. If you don't want an animal, don't just abandon it to fend for itself (especially a kitten who depends on its mother to take care of it at least for a while); take the unwanted animal to a shelter, or even taking it to a vets office is better than just throwing it away. There should really be stricter laws with a higher punishment for people like that!

However, we took them with us and now I'm working on finding them a home. These little guys are only about 4 weeks old, they are still drinking milk and I have to bottle feed them every few hours. They are doing very well though and two of them have a promising home. We're still trying to find a home for the last little boy.

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